West of Scotland Championship 2016

1-2 October 2016, Knightswood Park

Jamieson WalkerJamieson Walker won the West of Scotland after being undefeated on the Saturday and losing only one game on the Sunday.  The tournament was played using the Egyptian format with games lasting 2½ hours.  Most competitors had six games over the weekend.   It was possible to conclude the event with a final played between Jamieson Walker and Richard Sparrow with both being on three wins.  The final went to time with Richard finding it difficult to find a winning break.  Jamieson ended up winning +9 on time.

As a result of a clear-up of the Meadows cupboards Roger Binks discovered the lost West of Scotland trophy.  It was therefore possible to make a proper presentation to the evergreen Jamieson Walker, the winner for 2016. 

The weekend had an entry of 11 players and two on the waiting list.    The Knightswood lawns comprised two good quality bowling greens and one very testing mossy slow green. Thanks to Roger Binks for playing twice on the slow lawn!  The Glasgow club has been reassured that plans are in place to upgrade the two slow greens to the same quality as the two bowling greens. Although misty in the mornings, come the afternoons the weather was excellent with warm dry sun.    28 games were played in total with 14 going to time.

Brian Durward, Manager


  Points Wins Beat
Jamieson Walker (10) 113 4/5 Campbell Thomson +14T, David Houston +10T, Rosemary Saunders Robertson +4T, Richard Sparrow +9T
Richard Sparrow (16) 110 3/4 Chris Martin +25, Roger Binks +20, Rosemary Saunders Robertson +18
Roger Binks (12) 108 4/6 Jola Jurasinska +21, Campbell Thomson +14T, Joe Lennon +2T, Charles Henderson +6T
Chris Martin (3) 105 4/6 Charles Henderson +11, Joe Lennon +12, John Campbell +1, Campbell Thomson +9
Rosemary Saunders Robertson (12) 104 3/5 John Campbell +11, Roger Binks +18, David Houston +25
David Houston (6) 103 3/6 Joe Lennon +7, Chris Martin +15, John Campbell +7T
Jola Jurasinska (10) 102 2/4 Charles Henderson +7T, Jamieson Walker +3T
John Campbell (14) 95 2/5 Campbell Thomson +16, David Houston +2T
Joe Lennon (10) 94 2/5 Jola Jurasinska +2T, Campbell Thomson +21
Charles Henderson (16) 91 1/4 Campbell Thomson +6T
Campbell Thomson (16) 75 0/6