Spalding Trophy 2016

27-28 August 2016, Knightswood

Eleanor Spalding presenting the Spalding Trophy to Bill Strachan and John SurgenorThe inaugural Spalding trophy took place at Knightswood, the new home of Glasgow Croquet Club, on the weekend of 27/28th August 2016. Eight teams from all over Scotland and even an English dweller came to compete in an alternate stroke doubles competition, played with no bisques under advanced rules with the added advantage that either player could start a turn. Double banking was used as two of the four lawns still need a good bit of work to bring them up to the standard that we need for good competitive play.

Most of the teams had a high-low mix, although some had two middle bisquers and sadly one of the competitors failed to show so Alistair Malcolm had to play with his shadow who turned out to be quite a good player.

The weather was very good and everyone had an enjoyable time with this format.  Two games were played each day. Eleanor came to watch with some of Bill’s family on both days and to have lunch and to present the trophy on Sunday.

Most of the games went to time but in the end four of the teams had three wins each. It was decided that it was too difficult to get an overall winner with who beat whom although with net points it was a clear winner. John and Bill had 34 net points with the next nearest 12 points. So it was decided by the manager (John) that all the visitors should be subjected to yet more fun!!! So a penalty shoot out took place. The four teams John & Bill, Alan & Rosemary, Rod & Joe and Alistair & Shadow all had two shots at the peg each in rotation. Round one saw only one hit for Alistair; Round 2 Alistair and John hit; Round 3 from the other side of the lawn Rod, Alan and Bill all hit.  In Round 4 John took the final shot and hit giving his team 3 hits from 4 strokes. Justice was done: the team with the most net points had prevailed.

John Surgenor


Winners: John Surgenor & Bill Strachan

  AM & RW  & JL CT & RB BD & DA AW & RSR JW & JJ JS & BS JD & HD Wins Net points

Alistair Malcolm &

    -3 +12T
3 12
Rod Williams &
Joe Lennon
    3 4
Charlotte Townsend &
Roger Binks
+12 -16   2 0
Brian Durward &
David Appleton
    -13 +5T
    1 -11
Alan Wilson &
Rosemary Saunders Robertson
+13     +2T
3 12
Jamieson Walker &
Jola Jurasinska
-12 -5T
0 -22
John Surgenor &
Bill Strachan
+3   +16   -2T
    +17 3 34
Janice Duguid &
Hamish Duguid
-17   1 -29

Brian Durward and his e-Peg


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