Secretary Trophy 2016

28 May 2016, Meadows

Secretary Trophy presentationThe Secretary Trophy was won this year by Jola Jurasinska.

This is a 14 point competition played to advanced rules with bisques. The lift hoops are 3 and 5 as per the SCA stipulation and each game counts for 5 points on a player’s handicap card.  This year there were eight players entered, and they had the use of three lawns.  The Egyptian scoring system was employed, with a minimum of five games to count. The game time limit was 1hr 15 mins, with an additional 3 mins per bisque. The winner was to be determined by the highest number of points. In the event of a tie, it would be decided by who beat whom or, if the players had not already played each other, by a deciding game.  The tournament referee was Hamish Duguid.

In the games with few bisques, some players were prepared to go to peg with their first ball, with a scatter ball leave, in the hope that giving a contact would not afford their opponent too much of an advantage. Sometimes this strategy paid off. Most games went to time or close to it.

After four rounds, only Jola and Roger were in contention for the win. Although Jola was ahead at this point, were she to lose her last game and Roger win his, then Roger would overtake her to claim the trophy. As it happened, they both lost their final game, leaving Jola as the clear winner.

Janice Duguid


Round 1
David Houston bt Brian Cosford
Jola Jurasinska bt Lyn Gilpin
Roger Binks bt Alistair Malcolm
John Campbell bt Hamish Duguid

Round 2
Jola Jurasinska bt John Campbell
Lyn Gilpin bt Hamish Duguid
Roger Binks bt David Houston
Alistair Malcolm bt Brian Cosford

Round 3
Lyn Gilpin bt John Campbell
Jola Jurasinska bt Roger Binks
Brian Cosford bt Hamish Duguid
Alistair Malcolm bt David Houston

Round 4
David Houston bt Hamish Duguid
Jola Jurasinska bt Alistair Malcolm
Roger Binks bt Lyn Gilpin
John Campbell bt Brian Cosford

Round 5
Lyn Gilpin bt Brian Cosford
Alistair Malcolm bt Hamish Duguid
David Houston bt Jola Jurasinska
John Campbell bt Roger Binks


  Initial Round 1 Round 2 Round 3 Round 4 Round 5
Jola Jurasinska 100 105 110 115 119 112
David Houston 100 105 100 95 99 106
Roger Binks 100 105 110 105 110 105
John Campbell 100 105 100 95 100 105
Lyn Gilpin 100 95 100 105 100 105
Alistair Malcolm 100 95 100 105 101 104
Brian Cosford 100 95 90 95 90 85
Hamish Duguid 100 95 90 85 81 78