Scottish Open 2016

16-17 July 2016, Meadows

Mark Ormerod, Champion of Scotland 2016Mark Ormerod of England won the 2016 Scottish Open at Meadows, beating Andrew Willis in the final. Local boys John Surgenor and Martin Stephenson put up brave opposition in the semi-finals but couldn’t prevent the trophies being taken down South. With Dave Kibble taking the peeling prize and Richard H Smith, unexpectedly knocked out in the first round by Martin, winning the Edinburgh plate it was a clean sweep for the visitors.

The format was the same as usual, first round single games and best of three from then on, though a single game final was played due to time pressure on the Sunday afternoon. Thirteen players meant a bye for Andrew Willis who was travelling from Bath on the Saturday morning, though it should be noted that he still got to the club half an hour before Dave Nick who got lost between his B&B and the club. The weather was unseasonably cold but dry and there was a lively tournament dinner at the Omar Khayyam on the Saturday evening, where we discovered that one of our number had once won a pie eating championship, scoffing 28 pies in 45 minutes. I’m assuming he wishes to remain anonymous.

Jane Morrison, Manager



Winner: Mark Ormerod
Runner-up: Andrew Willis
Plate winner: Richard H Smith
Peeling prize: Dave Kibble


Scottish Open (Moffat Mallet)

Mark Ormerod +25
Mark Ormerod
+11, +21
Mark Ormerod
+4, +8T (23-15)
Mark Ormerod
Mark Ormerod
Bob Darling
  Jane Morrison
Chris Martin +1T (22-21)
Chris Martin
Martin Stephenson
+26, -17, +10
Campbell Morrison
Martin Stephenson Martin Stephenson
Richard H Smith
Dave Nick +22
Dave Nick
+17tp, +17
John Surgenor
Andrew Willis
-17, +16, +23
Alan Wilson
  John Surgenor
  Andrew Willis Andrew Willis
+26, +17
David Houston Dave Kibble
Dave Kibble



(Knock-out results up to and including the quarter finals carry forward to the plate.  Semi-finalists are ineligible.)

  KO Swiss Total % Results (Swiss)
Richard H Smith 0/1 5/6 5/7 71% A.Wilson +4, B.Darling +18, J.Morrison -4, C.Martin +24, D.Kibble +15tp, C.Morrison +25
Chris Martin 2/4 2/3 4/7 57% R.H Smith -24, B.Darling +5T(18-13), D.Houston +22
Dave Nick 1/3 3/4 4/7 57% C.Morrison -16, J.Morrison +9tpo, D.Houston +13, D.Kibble +25tp
Dave Kibble 1/3 3/5 4/8 50% A.Wilson +22, B.Darling +22qp, C.Morrison +25tp, R.H Smith -15tp, D.Nick -25tp
Campbell Morrison 0/1 3/5 3/6 50% D.Houston +13, D.Nick +16, D.Kibble -25tp, A.Wilson +15tp, R.H Smith -25
Alan Wilson 0/1 2/6 2/7 29% R.H Smith -4, D.Kibble -22, D.Houston +17, B.Darling +21, C.Morrison -15tp, M.Stephenson -16
Jane Morrison 0/2 1/3 1/5 20% J.Surgenor -7, R.H Smith +4, D.Nick -9tpo
Bob Darling 0/1 1/5 1/6 17% D.Houston +22, R.H Smith -18, D.Kibble -22qp, A.Wilson -21, C.Martin -5T(13-8)
David Houston 0/1 0/5 0/6 0% B.Darling -22, C.Morrison -13, A.Wilson -17, D.Nick -13, C.Martin -22
[Martin Stephenson]   1/1     A.Wilson +16
[John Surgenor]   1/1     J.Morrison +7

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