Chairman's Rosebowl 2016

17-19 September 2016, Meadows

John Surgenor (right) being presented with the Chairman's Rosebowl by SCA Chairman Hamish DuguidJohn Surgenor won the Chairman’s Rosebowl.   David Magee, John Surgenor, Alan Wilson, Chris Martin, Janice Duguid and Brian Durward met at Meadows to contest the Chairman’s Rosebowl.   The weather was dry and sunny with a weekend forecast promising more of the same.   Danny had cut the lawns on Friday evening and Alan, Chris and Alistair Malcolm had reset the lawns using the Aldridge hoops kindly lent by Balgreen Croquet Club.

Manager Alan had set time limits of only 2hrs 30min hoping to complete seven rounds over the first two days. Time was tight, especially as the games were double-banked with the Malmet Trophy and, as a result, one third of the games went to time.

For the first time some commentary was posted on Croquet Scores which can be found here

In the first round David beat Brian fairly quickly, Alan had a good win over John then Janice finally beat Chris on time after the innings had changed hands several times.  Round 2 saw David and Alan continue their winning ways and John got off the mark against Chris.

The same three also won their Round 3 games fairly quickly leaving David v Alan for the outright lead at the end of Day 1. Alan had a chance to get started but failed and David won in three turns. Chris got his first win, against Brian, and John and Janice pegged down with 40 minutes left, John with a lift for his 4b ball with the other for peg.

On Day 2 John won the pegged down game, Chris stopped attempting triples and won his games, including a match with John that had only one error. John beat David having completed the peels of a triple but ended up hampered after rover and could only hit peelee which he failed to peg out. David won his other games while Janice and Alan won one each.

On the final day David was in pole position having lost only one game with John a game further back and both Chris and Alan still in the hunt. In the first two rounds David beat both Chris and Alan, while John beat Brian and Janice, leaving a final round where David played John in a winner-takes-all match. In the other final round matches Brian finally broke his duck and Alan lost to Chris.

In the top match John was first to make a break, going round to 4b. David replied in kind then failed Hoop 1 on his second break. John made a leave then went to peg and finished when David missed the lift.  Neither David nor John wanted to play a tie break so John was declared the winner having beaten David twice.

Chris Martin continued to demonstrate his improvement by beating John, Alan twice and nearly winning against David.

Alan Wilson, Manager



David Magee   -6
John Surgenor +6
Alan Wilson -26
Chris Martin -26
Janice Duguid -2T(15-17)


Brian Durward -25

The results are also available on Croquet Scores.