East v West v North of Scotland 2015

6-7 June, Meadows

Brian Clark receiving the Piersland Rosebowl from the manager Robert Inder

Scottish Croquet's largest social handicap tournament of the year sees teams from the regions of Scotland compete for the Piersland Rosebowl.   For several years the East v West competition was primarily a contest between Glasgow and Edinburgh.  But in 2012 the competition welcomed players from the rapidly growing Dundonald Croquet Club, and following the formation of the Aberdeen and Crathes Croquet Club, the competition was re-named to be East v West v North.

This year the event clashed with a match between the SCA and Latvia, so several of the event's stalwarts were unable to attend.  Nevertheless, the event attracted 18 players on Saturday, rising to 22 on Sunday.

One of the jobs of the tournament manager is to try to balance the teams.   This, the thirteenth year of the competition, saw what is likely to be its closest result ever.

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Spring Weekend 2015

25-26 April, Meadows

There were 14 entrants for this year's Spring Weekend and, with the forecast rain clearing early on the Saturday, the weather remained fair, but cool, for the majority of the weekend.

Time limits of 3 hours, plus 3 minutes per bisque, were set and, whilst many games went to peg, these still required the majority of the allotted time. This was most likely due to the prevalence of players with higher handicaps.

At the end of the first day's play, only Alan Wilson and Bill Strachan remained unbeaten and, when they played the following morning, it was Alan who won a close encounter.

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CA of Ireland v SCA 2015

16-17 May 2015, Carrickmines

The SCA was comprehensively beaten 15-7 by an in-form CAI team at Carrickmines.   On paper the Irish had the stronger team

Campbell Morrison* (-½) Nathaniel Healy (0)
Alan Wilson (2½) Evan Newell (0)
Robert Inder (4) Jane Morrison* (1)
Janice Duguid (5) Frank Martin (6)
Hamish Duguid (9) John-Francis Martin (8)
David Houston (10) John McAuley sen (11)
* captain

and the Scots were suffering from injury worries with Alan Wilson having just had surgery on his hand.   However the Irish had Evan's new mallet ("guaranteed not to miss") on their side and were deserved winners with some strong performances, notably by Frank Martin.

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Meadows GC Open 2015

Jola Jurasinska2-3 May 2014, Meadows

With 2 of the 8 entrants only available to play on the Saturday, the Tournament was run as separate American Blocks on each day, with the winner being decided by the player with the most overall wins.

Even for the time of year, the weather was very cold on the Saturday and, whilst it was marginally warmer on the Sunday, it rained for the duration!

We had a welcome visiting player from Latvia, in Andrejs Savinovs. Malcolm Smith (Auchincruive) took the opportunity to play some warm-up games before he captains the SCA GC team to play Latvia in June and Ruth Munro made a Saturday appearance before returning to Cheltenham.

Four of the recently qualified GC referees were amongst the competitors and they found there was no shortage of opportunities to put their learning to the test.

At the end of play on the Saturday, Bob Darling had only suffered one loss, with his his constantly accurate clearances and hoop running proving to be the deciding factors.

Fortunes changed slightly on the Sunday with Bob only able to record two more wins and with Jola, Jamieson and Hamish managing 3 wins apiece. However, Bob's overall total of 8 wins from 12 games proved to be sufficient to see him deservedly win the Tournament.

Hamish Duguid, Manager

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