Scottish Open 2015

18-19 July 2015, Meadows

If winning the other Open in balmy Scotland in July is the dream of golfers, then participating with the hope of winning at the Meadows is the dream of most Australian croquet players.  To say croquet players in general have a better chance of success in our events than your average golfing hack in theirs only serves to demonstrate the amazing accessibility and true equality of our sport.

While a number of the Aussie contingent arrived with the prerequisite HABs most of us were solo and in fighting form with a whiff of fresh blood wafting up from Nottingham way.  Alison Sharpe and I were lucky enough to have a bed at the lovely Murrayfield Drive.   Sharpy brought her latest, and must be best, tale of her trip from London on the train, where she rescued a poor fellow covered in vomit on his way to an interview.   Apparently she missed a few stray carrots behind his ear but sent him on his aromatic way suitably tissued off to the best of her ability. The story is always in the telling and needless to say we wept…

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Secretary Trophy 2015

11 July 2015, Meadows

David Houston won the Secretary Trophy, beating Jola Jurasinska in a close final.   This is a 14 point competition played to advanced rules with bisques.   The format used was a cross-block with 10 players on 3 lawns.   The entrants were firstly seeded by handicap, then allocated alternately to two blocks. Each member of one block played all members of the other block, giving five rounds of play at the block stage.   Games were given a time limit of 1hr 20 minutes,  plus one minute per bisque. The game with the highest number of bisques in each round was played on the single-banked lawn.

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Golf Croquet Handicap 2015

27 June 2015, Meadows

This year there were surprisingly only four entrants.  It was decided to play each other twice with no time limit.

After the first round George Geis and Lesley van Vliet had won two games each.  George stormed through the second round making him the outright winner.  We wish him luck in the forthcoming 1st Spanish Croquet (GC) Open Championship in Cadiz.

Lyn Gilpin

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Summer Weekend 2015

4-5 July 2015, Kelvingrove

If Kelvingrove were in another country the Foreign Office would have issued an advisory for travellers "Beware of Bandits".

17 players competed in the Summer Weekend Handicap competition with handicaps ranging from -½ (Campbell Morrison and John Surgenor) to 20 (Brian Cosford and Lyn Gilpin) and, as the opening sentence suggests, the low bisquers suffered with the six lowest handicaps losing a massive 31 games out of 40 played against the rest of the field, often with bisques left standing. No doubt the handicap committee will be looking at the results and, hopefully, adjusting some more handicaps.

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Middle Bisquers 2015

27-28 June 2015, Kelvingrove

David Houston presenting the trophy to Brian DurwardBrian Durward won the Adam Trophy in a closely fought final against Janice Duguid (last year’s winner) after both players had achieved 5 wins out of 5. Robert Inder came third with 4 out of 6 and achieved his first ever triple peel against David Houston who, earlier, was unlucky to lose a golden hoop against Janice.

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