Edinburgh Tournament 2015 - day 5

The sun shone all day at Fettes on Day 5 of the Edinburgh tournament. There were two highlights today – the golf croquet competition and the final of Event 4, the 14+ singles event, between Lyn Gilpin and Kevin Wright.

In the golf croquet, the eight competitors were split into two blocks and each played every member of the other block, giving each competitor 4 games. In block 1 were Peter Thompson, Catriona Graham, Chris Martin and Robert Harvey. In block 2, were Rachel Frith, George Geis, Allan Hawke, and Rosemary Saunders Robertson.  In her first game, Rachel ran hoop 4 from beside hoop 3. In her second game, she was trailing 3-1 to Chris Martin, but ran hoop five from near corner 1, off her opponent's balls a foot in front of the hoop. She then repeated the feat at hoop 6.

However, after all the ties were played, only one person remained undefeated. With a perfect record of four wins out of four, gained through very tidy hoop running and consistent clearing of opponents balls, the winner of event 7 was Rosemary Saunders Robertson. Congratulations Rosemary.

The afternoon saw the final of the 14+ event. Kevin took an early lead with some good hitting in and some tidy break-building. (Perhaps he has a good coach or two at Auchincruive). Lyn impressed with some long hit-ins too and, with both Kevin and Lyn retaining bisques until near the end, a game-changing break for either was always possible. But Kevin built on his early lead, slowly and steadily, and pegged out for a very solid win +19. Last year the trophy went North with Charles Henderson. This year it goes West. Congratulations Kevin.

Tomorrow is finals days with five to be played. The forecast is almost perfect. The bar has been restocked. Do come along and spectate if you can.

Chris Martin