Meadows Open 2011

25-26 June 2011, Meadows

The 11 players in this year's Meadows Open were organised in two blocks, with the lower-handicapped players distributed evenly between them.  The top two finishers in each block were to go into the semi-finals, while those coming third and fourth would play off amongst themselves, and no.5 in Block A was to play the fifth and sixth players in Block B.

The most notable upset in the block stage was a win by Jola Jurasinska (handicap 16) over Joe Lennon (11).  In the other block Jamieson Walker (9) came close to defeating Fergus McInnes (4), who had to play a big three-ball break after time was called (Jamieson having pegged out one of his own balls) to convert a seven-point deficit into a +4 on time win.  Fergus went on to beat Jane Morrison (2.5) and so finished at the top of Block A, while in Block B it was Bryan Sykes (3) who took the top spot, followed by Alan Wilson (3) who had lost only to Bryan.  In his game against Alan, Bryan did the three peels of a triple, but unfortunately ran into the peelee after rover and was unable to peg out in that turn.

In the semi-finals Fergus beat Alan and Jane beat Bryan, so that the final was a rematch between Jane and Fergus.  This time Jane made no mistakes, and Fergus missed the few shots he had, so that Jane had a quick +26 victory.  The playoff for third and fourth place was likewise a rematch, in which Alan got his own back against Bryan.  Further down the rankings, Jola reaped another large harvest of index points with a win against Jamieson.  She accordingly received the prize for the biggest index gain among the players of handicap 10 and over, while the corresponding prize for the lower handicap range went to Fergus.

After frequent showers on Saturday, it was pleasant to have some sunshine on Sunday, which together with the afternoon tea provided by Vivien Wightman contributed to an enjoyable day.

Fergus McInnes


Block A:

Fergus McInnes -- +10T
+18 4 +47
Jane Morrison −10T
-- +26 +8T
+22 3 +46
Jamieson Walker −4T
−26 -- +19 +18 2 +7
Hamish Duguid −15T
−19 -- +5T
1 −37
George Geis −18 −22 −18 −5T
-- 0 −63

Block B:

Bryan Sykes -- +11 +17 +24 +14 +20 5 +86
Alan Wilson −11 -- +9 +20 +19 +23 4 +60
Robert Inder −17 −9 -- +25 +16T
3 +30
Jola Jurasinska −24 −20 −25 -- +2T +4T
2 −63
Joe Lennon −14 −19 −16T
−2T -- +12T
1 −39
David Houston −20 −23 −15T
-- 0 −70

Fergus McInnes beat Alan Wilson +6T (22-16)
Jane Morrison beat Bryan Sykes +19

Jane Morrison beat Fergus McInnes +26

Other playoffs:
Alan Wilson beat Bryan Sykes +18
Jola Jurasinska beat Jamieson Walker +11T (22-11)
Robert Inder beat Hamish Duguid +2T (21-19)
Robert Inder beat Jola Jurasinska +25
Jamieson Walker beat Hamish Duguid +8T (20-12)
David Houston beat George Geis +12T (17-5)
Joe Lennon beat George Geis +18 (GG conceded at 11-8)

Players' records:
Jane Morrison: 5/6
Fergus McInnes: 5/6
Alan Wilson: 5/7
Bryan Sykes: 5/7
Robert Inder: 5/7
Jamieson Walker: 3/6
Jola Jurasinska: 3/7
Joe Lennon: 2/6
Hamish Duguid: 1/6
David Houston: 1/6
George Geis: 0/6