Spring Weekend 2009

25-26 April, Meadows

There were, in one sense, 18 entrants at the Spring Weekend - a splendid effort as 6 regulars were at Carrickmines playing the CA of Ireland - and it was good to see some new faces as well as the familiar faces of Malcolm O'Connell and Alasdair Adam who had not been playing regularly for some time.  In another sense there were only 16 as Arthur Hiticks (he with the breathing problems, the bad back, sore elbow and two dodgy wrists - not surprising when you have celebrated more than 180 birthdays) consisted of Charlotte Townsend, Rod Williams and David Appleton taking it in turns to play a game. Charlotte, however, took sole responsibility for the bacon rolls (the best rolls I saw during the weekend).

Even with the larger entry than usual, everyone who wanted to got in 5 games.  Three people even managed 6, and rather strangely they had all had late starts on the Saturday.  Twelve of the 41 games went to the 3-hour time limit, 11 were won by 24 points or more, and 7 by 3 points or fewer.

The weather was pretty good for the time of year, though you couldn't always see Arthur's Seat, and lawn conditions were well nigh perfect, though towards the Sunday evening the middle strip was very fast and needed a lot of care.

By winning all 5 of her games, Alice Fleck regained the cup which she won two years ago.  There was a bit more competition for the runner-up spot and that went to Robert Inder, partly because of his quick play.

David Appleton

Winner and manager flanked by most of the other players: from left to right,
Derek Watts, Sheila Watts, Robert Inder, Jola Jurasinska, Joe Lennon, Alasdair Adam, Alice Fleck, David Appleton, Martin Stephenson, Allan Hawke, Campbell Thomson, Brian Cosford, Hamish Duguid, Ian Wright.


Alice Fleck (5/5) beat Martin Stephenson, Alasdair Adam, Robert Inder, Derek Watts and Hamish Duguid
Robert Inder (5/6) beat Hamish Duguid, Alasdair Adam, Tony Whateley, Derek Watts and Jola Jurasinska
Sheila Watts (4/5) beat Jola Jurasinska, Charlotte Townsend, Allan Hawke and Brian Cosford
Hamish Duguid (3/5) beat Alasdair Adam, Brian Cosford and Rod Williams
Derek Watts (3/5) beat Ian Wright, Tony Whateley and Allan Hawke
Joe Lennon (3/5) beat Malcolm O'Connell, Sheila Watts and Ian Wright
Allan Hawke (3/6) beat Joe Lennon, David Appleton and Alasdair Adam
Tony Whateley (2/4) beat Brian Cosford and Charlotte Townsend
Jola Jurasinska (2/5) beat Campbell Thomson and Joe Lennon
Brian Cosford (2/5) beat Ian Wright and Campbell Thomson
Martin Stephenson (2/5) beat Alasdair Adam and Allan Hawke
Campbell Thomson (2/5) beat Martin Stephenson and Alasdair Adam
Malcolm O'Connell (2/5) beat Martin Stephenson and Jola Jurasinska
Rod Williams (1/2) beat Campbell Thomson
David Appleton (1/2) beat Malcolm O'Connell
Ian Wright (1/4) beat Malcolm O'Connell
Charlotte Townsend (0/2)
Alasdair Adam (0/6)