Secretary Trophy 2009

11 July 2009, Meadows

Hamish Duguid won all his games at Meadows West on Saturday 11 July to take the Secretary Trophy.  He also got his handicap down to 14, thus again moving one step ahead of his wife Janice, who took second place but remained at 16 for the time being.

The trophy was contested by 10 players, with handicaps ranging from 2 to 20.  The plan for the event, which consists of 14-point advanced games with bisques, was for six rounds with time limits of an hour and a quarter - which, the manager reckoned, should result in finishing about 6pm, given a 9.30am start and allowing a little time for extension periods and lunch.  As usual the timing estimate was optimistic, and at 6pm only five rounds had been played and, as we had a clear winner and no one was keen to play another game, the sixth round was cancelled and we headed for the pub and let Hamish buy us drinks.

On consideration, we might have been better playing four rounds with a more generous allowance of time.  Only five games reached a peg-out - Janice doing well to win two of these.  I hope I'll remember this if I'm managing again next year.  But anyway a good time appeared to be had by all or most, and the fifth round did have the benefit that everyone had at least one win.

The most notable incident occurred in the game between Alasdair Adam and Robert Inder.  Robert had played pink towards hoop 4 and happened to go through it.  Alasdair's ball was in the jaws of hoop 3, and he ran hoops 3 and 4 and made the roquet on pink in a single stroke.  But he didn't realise he had done it!  He thought that pink had been in the jaws of hoop 4 and that he had therefore roqueted it but not run the hoop.  Only after taking a bisque to return to hoop 4 did he discover, when Robert forestalled him after he ran the hoop, that his feat had been more impressive than he thought!

Fergus McInnes

Hamish Duguid (left) receiving the trophy from the manager.


Hamish Duguid 5/5:  beat DA +1T (12-11), JW +3T (10-7), JJ +1T (6-5), JD +3T (8-5), BC +3T (6-3)
Janice Duguid 4/5:  beat IW +13, FM +6T (10-4), JW +14, JJ +2T (9-7)
Jola Jurasinska 3/5:  beat AA +8T (9-1), BC +5T (7-2), JW +10
David Appleton 3/5:  beat IW +5T (8-3), BC +4, FM +4T (13-9)
Robert Inder 3/5:  beat DA +1T (9-8), IW +1T (11-4), AA +4T (9-5)
Brian Cosford 2/5:  beat RI +13, AA +6T (6-0)
Fergus McInnes 2/5:  beat RI +2T (11-9), AA +4T (12-8)
Ian Wright 1/5:  beat JW +7T
Alasdair Adam 1/5:  beat IW +1T (5-4)
Jamieson Walker 1/5:  beat FM +5T (12-7)