Scottish Golf Croquet Championship 2009

1 August 2009, Glasgow

This year's championship was played at a new venue (Alexandra Park) and attracted two newcomers - regular Association Croquet player and SCA Match Secretary Fergus McInnes, and New Zealand player Graham Edwards - plus four regulars of the Scottish Golf Croquet scene.  Handicaps ranged from 2, held by Fergus and Graham and Bill Spalding, to 6, held by Jola Jurasinska and Jackie Shannon, with Jamieson Walker in between at 3.

The event was organised as an American block (all-play-all) followed by extra games to ensure a clear winner.  In the first round there were two upsets, Jackie beating Fergus at the 13th hoop and Jola having a slightly less narrow victory over Bill.  Conformity to handicaps was restored in the remaining rounds of block play except that Jamieson beat Bill in round 5.  The consequence was that Graham and Jamieson were tied on four wins each, and the manager therefore announced a tie-breaker between them.

The tie-breaker was played in heavy rain, with the four spectators clustered together under an umbrella.  Graham prevailed by 7 hoops to 5, ensuring that for a second year in succession Jamieson's name would not appear on the trophy that he had donated a few years before.

Thanks to the Glasgow Club (represented solely by Bill on this occasion) for its hospitality, which included a tea-time treat of Eleanor Spalding's delicious scones, with home-made strawberry jam, and fruit bread, served between the fifth round of block games and the final.  And congratulations to Graham on winning his very first SCA event!

Fergus McInnes

Graham Edwards (left) receiving the Walker Golf Croquet Bowl from Jamieson under Fergus's umbrella.



Block games:
Jamieson Walker 4 wins: beat Jackie Shannon 7-1, Jola Jurasinska 7-5, Fergus McInnes 7-5, Bill Spalding 7-6.
Graham Edwards 4 wins: beat Jamieson Walker 7-5, Jackie Shannon 7-6, Jola Jurasinska 7-4, Fergus McInnes 7-5.
Bill Spalding 2 wins: beat Graham Edwards 7-4, Jackie Shannon 7-5.
Fergus McInnes 2 wins: beat Jola Jurasinska 7-5, Bill Spalding 7-6.
Jola Jurasinska 2 wins: beat Bill Spalding 7-5, Jackie Shannon 7-6.
Jackie Shannon 1 win: beat Fergus McInnes 7-6.

Graham Edwards beat Jamieson Walker 7-5.