Middle Bisquers 2009

13-14 June 2009, Glasgow

As a result of handicap improvements and a variety of other commitments there were only four players in this year's competition: Alasdair Adam (10), Robert Lay (14), Joe Lennon (10) and Alan Wilson (4).

As manager Alan decided to have all play all on each day, with Sunday's order of play determined by Saturday's results.

The weather was good both days with only a hint of rain on Saturday and plenty of sunshine on Sunday but the courts were slow, starting at about 8.5 on Saturday and only reaching 10 at their fastest.

Perhaps it was not surprising that play was fairly interactive and half the games went to time with Alan the only player to make significant breaks in all his games.  He was also the only one to attempt triple peels, coming closest against Joe when he failed to get in front of rover with all the peels done.

Alasdair had googled Alexandra Park and been directed to Lenzie so arrived late on Saturday and never quite recovered from it.  He found the lack of pace on the courts, compared with Meadows, caused him problems and was unable to run hoops with the control he needed.

Joe and Robert both had good patches of play, with Joe playing a particularly nice break in one game against Robert before realising it was with the wrong ball.

Alan Wilson


1 Alan Wilson 6/6: beat Joe Lennon +14 +22, Robert Lay +16 +20, Alasdair Adam +19 +10T (20-10)
2 Joe Lennon 4/6: beat Robert Lay +7T (18-11) +19, Alasdair Adam +10T (19-9) +10T (14-4)
3 Robert Lay 2/6: beat Alasdair Adam +7T (18-11) +10T (22-12)