Summer Weekend 2007

7-8 July 2007, Glasgow

James hands over the quaich to MelanieThis year's Summer Weekend handicap tournament, held as usual on the level but slow-paced lawns of Kelvingrove, had a smaller entry and a narrower handicap range than in recent years.  Three of the eight players had a handicap of 5 - Fergus McInnes, Bill Spalding and Alan Wilson; on either side of them were James Hopgood on 4 and Jamieson Walker on 6; and Terry Foster (9), Joe Lennon (10) and Melanie Foster (11) made up the tail of the distribution.

Everyone except Bill and Jamieson completed four games on Saturday.  Melanie won all her games, last year's winner James lost only to Alan, and everyone else had at least two losses.  The scores ranged from Melanie's +26 against Alan and +25 against Fergus (who ran hoop 1 from several yards after she left him in front of it, but then failed to make the roquet on his partner ball near hoop 2) to Terry's +2 against Joe and Fergus's +1 after a missed peg-out by Jamieson.  James, already greatly improved from his starting handicap of 14 at the 2006 event, won a further reduction to 3.5 at the end of the day, while Melanie, who was in excellent form, became slightly less of a bandit by going down to 10.

Sunday, though sunnier and less showery than Saturday, had fewer players on the lawns, and each playing fewer games.  Jamieson withdrew overnight to recover from a bad cough; and Melanie and Terry, after both recording quick +26 wins over James, declined to play against each other and, having already played everyone else present, went off to lunch to celebrate their successes and Terry's birthday.  The remaining five played on till mid-afternoon - at which point Bill and Fergus opted out of the only game not yet played amongst them, Bill to await a lift home and Fergus to join Alan and James for a pint or two at an outside table across the road before they headed off eastwards.

Thanks go to the Glasgow Club and to Joe in particular for turning up early and setting out the lawns; and congratulations to Melanie on her first tournament win, which should be one of many if she keeps playing the way she did at this weekend.

Fergus McInnes


1. Melanie Foster 123 points, 5/5 wins: beat FM +25, BS +6, AW +26, JL +5, JH +26.
2=. Bill Spalding 106 points, 3/5 wins: beat TF +18, JL +5, AW +14.
2=. Terry Foster 106 points, 3/5 wins: beat FM +24, AW +19, JH +26.
4. James Hopgood 105 points, 4/7 wins: beat JW +13, BS +14, FM +4, JL +3.
5. Alan Wilson 98 points, 3/6 wins: beat JL +5, JH +16, FM +6.
6. Joe Lennon 95 points, 3/7 wins: beat JW +24, TF +2, FM +24.
7. Jamieson Walker 85 points, 0/3 wins.
8. Fergus McInnes 82 points, 1/6 wins: beat JW +1.

Photographs by Fergus McInnes

Joe Lennon places the pink for a croquet strokeAlan Wilson striding after his ballA sample of Saturday's weatherBill Spalding takes aim at the reception ball after running a hoop to near the boundaryMelanie Foster signals for a bisqueJames Hopgood in play on Saturday evening. (Photograph taken just after impact in the croquet stroke, with brown off the ground)