Glasgow Open 2007

14-15 April 2007, Kelvingrove

There were nine entrants for this year's Glasgow Open:

Bruce Rannie -0.5
John Surgenor 0.5
Martin Stephenson 3.5
James Hopgood 5 to 4.5
Campbell Morrison 6
Tony Whateley 9
Robert Lay 11
Joe Lennon 12
Duncan Reeves 14 to 16

The event was won by Bruce Rannie with 6 wins out of 6, with one TP (the only one).

The weather was perfect and the lawns in good condition and not fast.   Most games went according to handicap, except:
Hopgood beat Surgenor and Stephenson
Lennon beat Lay
Lay beat Whateley and Morrison

This report is largely compiled from notes sent by Bruce, Martin and James, who commented on all their games except that neither Martin nor James had anything to say about James’s defeat of Martin - the pupil beating the teacher?

Martin says that his game against Bruce was certainly the highest quality advanced game he had played in - i.e. Bruce went to 4-back on turn 3 and Martin to 4-back on turn 4. He had never had a game with two clips on 4-back after turn four (the only turn in which he took croquet).  Bruce hit and had a chance to get started in Turn 5, but hilled into the second ball when trying to get a rush on it to hoop one.  He got his TP attempt started on turn 9 (even then he had a tricky cut rush and a long approach to one).  He had one peel done before he missed his pioneer at one-back.  Martin countermissed a shortish one and then Bruce finished with a delayed double on turn eleven.

In his final game, Bruce managed a triple against John, helped by the court again, as he had more than a few long approaches and long hoops.

James probably had the greatest number of TPFs (although there does not seem to be an agreed definition for a TPF).  He did have some successful 4b peels and in his final game set up many leaves for his TP, much to the amusement of the remaining spectators (Martin and Tony).

Martin and James, having recently been on a referee’s course, were called upon frequently and both were put to the test by John.  Martin would not allow John’s claim for a wiring lift so John promptly (or rather, eventually) hit a ball, but insisted he could not have hit one edge of that ball.

Many thanks to John Surgenor for managing and to Joe Lennon for largely setting the lawns and entirely setting the hoops.

Tony Whateley


Bruce Rannie 6/6: beat Morrison +2, Lay, +25, Reeves+22, Hopgood +12, Stephenson +17, Surgenor +24tp
James Hopgood 5/6: beat Stephenson +13, Surgenor +18, Morrison +15, Lennon +16, Reeves +14
John Surgenor 3/5: beat Whateley +24, Stephenson +4, Lay +12
Martin Stephenson 3/6: beat Morrison +5, Lennon +20, Whateley +26
Joe Lennon 2/5: Beat Reeves +22, Lay +2t
Robert Lay 2/5: beat Whateley +2t, Morrison+7t
Tony Whateley 2/5: beat Lennon +7t, Reeves +2t
Campbell Morrison 1/5: beat Reeves +22
Duncan Reeves 0/5