Edinburgh Midweek Tournament 2007

22 August 2007, Lauriston Castle

The Edinburgh Midweek Tournament was played in day-long sunshine on Wednesday 22 August.  This tournament is for players who have never had a handicap below 16 and it was particularly pleasing to have first-time entrants from Meadows and from the new club at Hill of Tarvit as well as regulars from the Edinburgh club.  Players played off club handicaps with a range from 18 to 28.  Four rounds of 14 point games were played.  The overall winner was Morven Wardley (nee Cross), who retained her title with wins in all four of her games.

Results were as follows:

Morven Wardley (ECC,18): 4/4;
Bob Darling (ECC, 26): 3/4;
Jean Forshall (ECC, 20): 3/4;
Alec Samson (H of T, 28): 3/4;
Brian Cosford (MCC, 28): 2/4;
Philip Mould (H of T, 28): 2/4;
Hamish Duguid (ECC, 24): 1/3;
Ruth Munro (MCC, 28): 1/4;
Mike Sawyer (H of T, 28): 1/3;
John Dewar (ECC, 18): 0/3;
Joan Marshall (ECC / MCC, 22): 0/3.

Allan Hawke