Secretary Trophy 2005

14 May 2005, Meadows

Fergus instructed Rod and David that one of them should manage the Secretary Trophy competition – 14 point advanced games with bisques.  Their first act was to delegate to Charlotte, who spent an evening trying and failing to work out how to get five people to play each other in five rounds – Rod eventually gave in and told her.

So Charlotte gave herself a bye in the first round, allowing her to provide some players with sustenance in the form of bacon rolls.  This greatly improved Rod’s performance, who whizzed round in 1½ hours with at least one two-hoop break, to an impressive victory of 9-8T against George, who had declined the bacon rolls.  (Though he too managed at least one break of two hoops.)  David’s bacon roll had a more delayed effect, but allowed him to beat Ian Wright 14-10, before (but not much before) time.

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SCA v Croquet North 2005

7-8 May 2005, Meadows

In 1991 Scottish and Newcastle Breweries sponsored an annual croquet match between Croquet North and Scotland B.  It is a two-day match played at Tyneside and The Meadows in Edinburgh on alternate years.  For some reason that is still unclear it stopped in 1997.  It restarted in 2003, was very successful and will no doubt go on for many more years to come.

The Scots won close matches in 2003 and 2004.  This year's match was played at The Meadows on May 7th/8th.

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Glasgow Open 2005

23-24 April 2005, Glasgow

John Surgenor retained the Glasgow Open trophy on 23/24 April with five wins from six.  Jane Shorten also had five wins and was second.  Bruce Rannie was third with four wins.

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Spring Weekend 2005

30 April and 1 May 2005, Glasgow

With one week to go, this year's Spring Weekend looked like having a small turnout, with only five players entered: Alice Fleck and Jim Taggart from Tyneside, Fergus McInnes and Jamieson Walker from Edinburgh, and Joe Lennon as the sole representative of the host club.  But entries during the week - Allan Hawke from Edinburgh, Robert Lay and Tony Whateley from Glasgow, and the trophy holder Alan Wilson from Polmont - increased the number to nine, and a tenth appeared on Saturday morning off the train from Edinburgh in the person of Martin Stephenson, ensuring that all three of the courts that Joe had set out were needed.

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