Kinross 16+ Tournament 2005

13 June 2005, Kinross

The Kinross 16+ handicap tournament was held on Monday 13 June 2005 at the Green Hotel, and had a winner from the host club for the first time in seven years - Andrew Harvey, who beat fellow Kinross members George Kirk and Jack Welsh and visiting players Robert Macdonald (Glasgow) and Mattie Meiklejohn (Edinburgh) to finish the day undefeated.  Mattie Meiklejohn took second place, with wins over all the other three contestants.

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East v West of Scotland 2005

4-5 June 2005, Meadows

Eleven people in all took part in this year's East versus West match in the East at Meadows West on June 4th and 5th, though only four were present at the start.  George Anderson unfortunately failed to recover from a bad bout of 'flu in time to play and this threw manager Fergus McInnes's intended programme of matches into some disarray.  However, selection criteria for this event (the results of which do not affect handicap or rankings) are very flexible and by shuffling the sides a little he succeeded in scheduling eighteen matches – advanced with bisques on the first day and level play on the second.  Thus he accommodated people who only wanted to play on one day, people who only wanted to play two games per day, and people (like himself) who had other appointments during the match.

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Scottish Masters 2005

22 May 2005, Glasgow

The 2005 Scottish Masters at Kelvingrove was won by Charlotte Townsend in an excellent performance of few errors.  The other three contestants, Bruce Rannie (0), John Surgenor (0) and Rod Williams (1) were all nominally considerably better than Charlotte (5) but on the day she made fewest mistakes and capitalised on others' errors most severely.  Not only was her penchant for missing short roquets missing, her long hitting was on form.  For example, against Bruce, she ran hoop 1 to her partner near 2, made 2 with a rush to 3, failed to approach 3, so hit Bruce's balls near corner IV to rush back to 3 and continue her break.

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Basil Townsend Quaich 2005

28 May 2005, Auchincruive

The Townsend Quaich is an interclub event traditionally played at Auchincruive.  This year we had five representatives from Auchincruive, Edinburgh, Glasgow, Meadows and Powfoulis.  To fit the competition into one day we played 18 point games with a 90 minute time limit.  Only one of the ten games went to time.  The weather is normally tropical for this event, but the Gods failed to smile and a blustery day was enhanced by a few squally showers.  The redoubtable Malcolm P W Smith Memorial Pavilion provided heat and shelter as well as aiding the preparation of a substantial afternoon tea.

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CA of Ireland v SCA 2005

14-15 May 2005, Carrickmines

This year it was the Scottish side's turn, following the precedent set by the Irish last year, to field a visiting team of only five players instead of the usual six, allowing a home side with six available to make some substitutions between rounds.  The format invented last year, with five doubles games and 20 singles games, was re-used, providing a wider range of opponents for each player than the traditional format of best-of-three matches.

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