Walker Cup 2005

10 September 2005, Meadows

The Walker Cup was played in cloudy and cool weather on Saturday 10 Sep at Meadows, but at least the unremitting rain of the previous day had let up, making conditions a little better than at the short croquet at Kinross recently.  There were six players, two of them playing their first SCA tournament, and one of them winning.  After two rounds of 18-point games, Steven Boyne and Allan Hawke had won both their games and played each other in the final.  Steven, playing with 7 bisques, gave Allan little chance to do other than play his balls onto the lawn.  Going in fourth turn, Steven took his first ball all the way round to rover, then peeled his second ball through 3-back.  He stuttered a little then but went on to complete a thorough rout +18.  Meanwhile Morven Cross, more used to playing on the notorious lawn 3 at Lauriston, was finding it difficult on the super-fast lawns of Meadows and lost her third game to Ian Wright, who had quickly got used to his new Pidcock mallet and came second overall on points (15 to Allan Hawke's 10).  Robert Lay had a 'forgetful' day, expressing some surprise that the tournament was over by 3pm on Saturday: he thought it lasted two days and had booked into a B&B accordingly!  Joe Lennon also had two wins over the day and came out level on points.  Full results are below.

A Hawke beat R Lay +17
I Wright beat J Lennon +11
S Boyne beat M Cross +17

AH beat IW +11
SB beat RL +17
JL beat MC +4

SB beat AH +18
IW beat MC +15
JL beat RL +7

Allan Hawke