Scottish Masters 2005

22 May 2005, Glasgow

The 2005 Scottish Masters at Kelvingrove was won by Charlotte Townsend in an excellent performance of few errors.  The other three contestants, Bruce Rannie (0), John Surgenor (0) and Rod Williams (1) were all nominally considerably better than Charlotte (5) but on the day she made fewest mistakes and capitalised on others' errors most severely.  Not only was her penchant for missing short roquets missing, her long hitting was on form.  For example, against Bruce, she ran hoop 1 to her partner near 2, made 2 with a rush to 3, failed to approach 3, so hit Bruce's balls near corner IV to rush back to 3 and continue her break.

Several TPs were attempted , the most successful probably being Bruce's attempted TPO against Rod. He managed the three peels but failed the peg out.  Rod, typically, made nothing of the contact and Bruce subsequently pegged him out.  However, he'd clearly failed to heed our coach's advice at the squad training a few weeks ago and left Rod too many free shots, Rod eventually finishing with a controlled 3-ball break.

A well deserved win for Charlotte.

Will we have to rename the trophy now?

Rod Williams



Charlotte Townsend 3 wins: beat Bruce Rannie +5, John Surgenor +11, Rod Williams +9
John Surgenor 1 win: beat Rod Williams +21
Bruce Rannie 1 win, beat John Surgenor +5
Rod Williams 1 win: beat Bruce Rannie +14


Charlotte pegs out ...

... and collects the trophy from Bruce.