Kinross 16+ Tournament 2005

13 June 2005, Kinross

The Kinross 16+ handicap tournament was held on Monday 13 June 2005 at the Green Hotel, and had a winner from the host club for the first time in seven years - Andrew Harvey, who beat fellow Kinross members George Kirk and Jack Welsh and visiting players Robert Macdonald (Glasgow) and Mattie Meiklejohn (Edinburgh) to finish the day undefeated.  Mattie Meiklejohn took second place, with wins over all the other three contestants.

The five entrants all played each other in the course of five rounds of 18-point games with 90-minute time limits.

Conditions were rather chilly, with a couple of showers, but brief spells of sunshine and a good lunch in the Defiance Bar helped to ward off hypothermia.

Fergus McInnes



Andrew Harvey (20) 4 wins: beat Mattie Meiklejohn +4t (13-9), George Kirk +11, Jack Welsh +6, Robert Macdonald +7t (16-9).
Mattie Meiklejohn (18) 3 wins: beat George Kirk +10, Jack Welsh +2t (12-10), Robert Macdonald +4t (9-5).
George Kirk (20) 2 wins: beat Jack Welsh +1t (9-8), Robert Macdonald +12.
Jack Welsh (26) 1 win: beat Robert Macdonald +4t (13-9).
Robert Macdonald (20) 0 wins.