Edinburgh Tournament 2005

15-20 August 2005, Fettes


Event 1 (Open Singles): John Surgenor
Event 2 (Advanced Singles for players of handicap 4 and over): John Seddon
Event 3 (Advanced with Bisques, handicaps 8 and over): Ruth Goudie
Event 4 (Handicap Singles, handicaps 14 and over): Robert Cross
Event 5 (Handicap Doubles): David Arnot and Steven Boyne
Event 6X (Unrestricted Handicap): James Hopgood
Event 6 Swiss: Graham Brightwell
The Lauder Bowl (player getting furthest without winning any event): Martin Stephenson


Results in full


(by Fergus McInnes and David Arnot)

Friday evening - critical games in the Swiss event:

Graham Brightwell achieves a +2 win over Martin Stephenson.

Rod Williams tries 4-back (and fails) in his attempt to catch up with John Seddon.

Saturday morning:

John Beech approaches hoop 1 against Fergus McInnes, while John Surgenor shoots at David Mumford's red ball.

John Seddon playing Martin Stephenson; Allan Hawke sitting out against Jamieson Walker.

David Mumford in play against John Surgenor.

James Hopgood playing Joe Lennon in the big handicap final. (In the background are 8+ event finalists Ruth Goudie and Ian Wright, and Joe Henderson being a spectator.)

Jamieson watches a shot for Martin while John Seddon looks on.

Ruth in play against Ian.

An early presentation:

James Hopgood receives the Edinburgh Cup from Melissa Seddon.

Event 2 tie-breaker:

Charlotte Townsend adjudicating on a doubtful boundary for Martin.

John taking croquet near a downhill corner, Ruth Goudie watching.

The doubles final:

David Arnot prepares to take croquet from red with yellow.

Steven Boyne in play in the closing minutes of the game.

Brian Murdoch in his last turn with blue.

Closing formalities:

Brian Murdoch, Sheila Tibbels and Donald Lamont with the trophies.

Manager Fergus McInnes with his clipboard waiting to announce the winners.