Kinross 16+ Tournament 2004

14 June 2004, Kinross

Kinross Croquet Club held its annual open tournament for players with a handicap of 16 or over on Monday 14 June, 2004.  This tournament which has now become a favourite for high handicap players in Scotland attracted nine entries, three entrants from the home club being joined by four contestants from the Edinburgh Club and two from Glasgow.

Tony Whateley from Glasgow, a newcomer to tournament play, won the tournament, beating fellow Glasgow Club member Joe Lennon by 4 points on time (15-11) in the final, after some very close games in the earlier rounds.

The tournament took the form of a four-round knockout with consolation games, all games being played to 18-point full bisque handicap rules (to a base of 10 before scaling down) with time limits of 1 hour 45 minutes.  About half the games went to time.  Conditions were partly sunny but breezy.  The games were played at the Green Hotel which now has two full sized lawns available, both of which were in use for the whole day.

Thanks are due to Sir David Montgomery and the Manager of the Green Hotel for allowing the lawns to be used and to Fergus McInnes, the Scottish Croquet Association Match Secretary who managed the tournament.

The results in full were:-

Preliminary round:
Tony Whateley (handicap 24) beat Peggy Bartlett (22) +2t (9-7)

Joe Lennon (20) beat Blair Forbes (20) +10
Brian Smith (20) beat Jean Forshall (22) +16
Tony Whateley beat Andrew Harvey (20) +1t (10-9)
George Kirk (20) beat Fiona Stewart (22) +10

Joe Lennon beat Brian Smith +3t (14-11)
Tony Whateley beat George Kirk +4t (12-8)

Tony Whateley beat Joe Lennon +4t (15-11)

Additional games:
Brian Smith beat Andrew Harvey +5(13-8), George Kirk +2t (14-12)
Jean Forshall beat Blair Forbes +1t (11-10), Peggy Bartlett +9
Peggy Bartlett beat Fiona Stewart +13
Fiona Stewart beat Blair Forbes +2
Andrew Harvey beat Blair Forbes +9

Brian Smith