East v West of Scotland 2004

5-6 June 2004, Meadows

A match between the East and West of Scotland was held in June 2003 as part of the celebrations for the opening of the new National Croquet Centre at Meadows West.  The format was designed to make it an inclusive event, with advanced play on the first day and handicap play on the second, results not counting for the Automatic Handicap System, and no fee for entry.  The formula proved successful enough to ensure a repetition this year.

Five members of the East team and seven from the West team (some of them currently East of Scotland residents but with Western connections) took part on Saturday.  Theoretically the teams were evenly matched, but the East players were in good form and they had a lead of 10 games to 4 by the end of the day.  Brian Murdoch had a particularly good day, winning all three of his games, and performing his first triple peel in the third against Rod Williams.  Rod had already had a TP of his own, in the course of a second-round win over Fergus McInnes, who accumulated two +26 wins and a -26 loss (with a break for lunch) during the first five hours of the match.  It was good to see Bill Spalding back in play after an absence of some years; although he lost his three games, the second one against Tony Foster was close, Tony's winning margin being only +5.

The match continued on Sunday with handicap games and some substitutions in the teams.  Tony Brightman and Tony Foster were not available for the East on Sunday, but Marjorie Elliott and Allan Hawke took their places, while the West lost Bill Spalding and Malcolm O'Connell but gained Joe Lennon.  The balance of play now swung the other way, with 8 wins for the West and only 2 for the East in the day's first 10 games, leaving the score at 12-all with one game left to finish.  This game was between Allan Hawke (East) and Maria Limonci (West), each playing off 14.  It was Allan who pegged out, shortly after 4pm, to win the match for the East, and received the trophy from Maria, who had held it for the West since last year's match.  Other highlights of the day were Fergus's double peel and peg-out of Maria's ball in the first round (not enough to win, but enough to make her use all her bisques!) and Rod's two peels of a triple against Marjorie in the second round, which if successful would have won him the game with 11 of her 14.5 bisques standing.

This was once again a relaxed and enjoyable weekend.  The warm, dry and occasionally sunny weather helped.  So did the excellent lunches laid on by Charlotte Townsend.  I expect we'll be doing something similar again next year.

A few photographs can be found below.

Fergus McInnes


(East names first)

Day One:
Brian Murdoch beat Bill Spalding +16
Tony Brightman lost to Charlotte Townsend -26
George Anderson lost to Jamieson Walker -23
Fergus McInnes beat Malcolm O'Connell +26
Brian Murdoch beat Malcolm O'Connell +16
Fergus McInnes lost to Rod Williams -26TP
Tony Foster beat Bill Spalding +5
George Anderson beat Maria Limonci +9t
Tony Brightman beat Geoff Caldwell +25
Fergus McInnes beat Jamieson Walker +26
Tony Foster lost to Malcolm O'Connell -10
Brian Murdoch beat Rod Williams +23TP
Tony Brightman beat Jamieson Walker +22
Fergus McInnes beat Bill Spalding +11

Day Two:
Fergus McInnes (4) lost to Maria Limonci (14) -6
George Anderson (6) beat Rod Williams (1.5) +25
Allan Hawke (14) lost to Charlotte Townsend (4.5) -19
Marjorie Elliott (16) lost to Jamieson Walker (6) -17
Brian Murdoch (2.5) lost to Joe Lennon (20) -18
George Anderson lost to Geoff Caldwell (6) -24
Marjorie Elliott lost to Rod Williams -9
Allan Hawke beat Jamieson Walker +26
Fergus McInnes lost to Joe Lennon -23
Fergus McInnes lost to Geoff Caldwell -23
Allan Hawke beat Maria Limonci +14

Final scores:
East 13, West 12



Maria Limonci approaching hoop 1.

Allan Hawke pegs out to win the deciding game against Maria ...

... and receives the trophy from her on behalf of the East.

Spectators and scoreboard at the end of the match.