CA v SCA 2004

4-5 September 2004, Crake Valley

At what must be one of the most picturesque venues anywhere in England, battle was joined.  On a grey misty Saturday morning, early start, the three doubles games got underway.  By 11.30 with blue sky breaking through and the lawns drying out, Scotland's 1st pair Surgenor & Williams were one up on Burnett & Wardle and England's Nick & Whitehouse one up on Murdoch & McInnes at 3rd pair.  At 2nd pair Rannie & Foster (S) and Haslam & Miller (E) had a rare old ding-dong, with the Scots hitting in from almost anywhere and snatching victory at the death in both games to win 2-0.  The English 3rd pair then levelled also winning 2-0.  As teatime approached the English 1st pair fought back to level and then went on to win by 2 games to 1.

With Sunday morning red hot and most of the twelve a little tender from the after effects of Saturday night's organised meal at a local hostelry, play began.  Rannie made short work of Burnett to win 2-0 before lunch.  Miller beat Foster 2-0 after having a ball pegged out in each game.  In the battle of the oldies Williams beat Haslam 2-1 with many pauses for water.  Nick overcame Surgenor with a TP to win 2-1 and take the match score to 4-3.  Wardle & Murdoch and Whitehouse & McInnes with both games at 1-1 and double banking on the same lawn and their team mates, spectators and club members all watching intently fought out an exciting climax; the home side went on to win both games as the Scots wilted, the CA beating the SCA by 6 games to 3.

Dave Nick


(CA names first)

Day 1

Bob Burnett & Peter Wardle beat John Surgenor & Rod Williams +12,-19,+12
John Haslam & Mark Miller lost to Bruce Rannie & Tony Foster -6,-1
Dave Nick & Graham Whitehouse beat Brian Murdoch & Fergus McInnes +10,+5

Day 2

Nick (-1) beat Surgenor (0) -15,+26TP,+15
Burnett (-0.5) lost to Rannie (0.5) -17,-2
Haslam (0) lost to Williams (1) -2,+20,-7
Wardle(1.5) beat Murdoch (2) +20,-2,+15
Miller (2.5) beat Foster (3) +10,+4
Whitehouse (6) beat McInnes (3.5) -5,+25,+17

Match Result

CA 6, SCA 3



Rod Williams in play against John Haslam.

Dave Nick on the lawn, his opponent John Surgenor and team-mate John Haslam watching.

Brian Murdoch in play with the picturesque Crake Valley scenery beyond; Tony Foster and Bruce Rannie sitting out.

Graham Whitehouse approaching the end of his last game against Fergus McInnes.