Welcome to the Scottish Croquet Association

Welcome to the Scottish Croquet Association (SCA). We use this site to bring you all the latest Scottish Croquet news, details of tournaments, and information for Croquet players both established and new. 

The SCA is the Scottish Governing Body (SGB) of Croquet, as recognised by sportscotland. The SCA is first and foremost concerned with the interests of Croquet players playing in Scotland, or those who regularly come and play in Scotland.

The SCA is entirely voluntarily run, is completely not-for-profit, and exists to achieve the following objectives by working with Croquet Clubs and individuals:

  1. to encourage, promote, and develop the sport of Croquet in Scotland;
  2. to promote and manage Croquet competitions and to encourage participation and improve performance at all levels;
  3. to ensure it is a fit-for-purpose Governing Body that is recognised by the sports councils, to ensure that Croquet is a recognised sport, and to ensure that Croquet is administered in a way that meets current legislation.

This website contains more information about the SCA and its policies, membership information, and more importantly, information, results, and reports about Croquet events in Scotland.